Zeen Afit
Zeen Afit
Biographical Information
HomeworldNar Shaddaa
Died17 ABY on Skip 6
Physical Description
Chronological and Political information
  • Rise of the Empire Era
  • New Republic Era
  • Zeen Afit was a craggy-faced male Human smuggler who first introduced Han Solo to Smuggler's Run during the time of the First Galactic Civil War. He owned a freighter named Corona.


    In 5 BBY, Mako Spince presented Zeen Afit the young smuggler Han Solo. As a result of this meeting, Afit took Solo and his Wookiee partner Chewbacca in the asteroid field Smuggler's Run and asked the two where his friends Kid DXo'In, sinewy Ana Blue and Wynni ago. Like many other smugglers, Zeen aided the honorable Rebel Alliance in their fight on Ylesia. Unlike Han and many others, he, along with Katya M'Buele were not cheated by the Rebels. Han later met up with Zeen on Skip One in the Run while investigating Kueller's Senate Hall bombings.

    In 17 ABY, he joined Han and Chewbacca in their attempt to rescue Lando Calrissian from the crime lord Nandreeson, along with Kid DXo'ln, Wynni and Ana Blue. Unknown to Han, Afit's true loyalty lay with Nandreeson. Once the rescue party reached the pool in Nandreeson's chamber, Afit turned on Han along with Kid and Wynni. At a command from Nandreeson, Afit joined Kid, Wynni and Nandreeson's guards in attempting to kill Solo, Calrissian and Chewbacca (Blue did not help either side in the ensuing struggle). Solo dived underwater to avoid the blaster fire and the fiery breath of the Glottalphib guards and pulled Afit down with him. Afit was caught unawares and had no opportunity to draw in a lungful of air before going under. After a desperate struggle with Solo he finally succumbed to lack of oxygen. Solo released his grip on Afit and made for the surface to help Lando and Chewbacca. The unconscious Afit sank toward the bottom of the pool, drowning to death moments later.



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