Sil Unch
Sil Unch
Biographical Information
Died32 BBY, Naboo
Physical Description
Eye colorRed/Orange
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire era
AffiliationTrade Federation

Sil Unch was a male Neimoidian who lived during the time of the blockade of Naboo.


In 32 BBY, Sil Unch worked as an officer in the Trade Defense Force onboard the droid control ship Vuutun Palaa. Sil usually despised his superior, Daultay Dofine. He was specialized in droid computer programming, and sat at the leftmost console of the bridge. During the Battle of Naboo, Sil Unch reported to Daultay Dofine that there was a problem inside the ship, in which Dofine was surprised because he thought the shields were impenetrable. He perished when Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Vuutun Palaa.