Nikto Guards
General Information
Leader(s)Captain of the Nikto Guard
MembersPuko Naga

Unidentified Nikto guard (Nal Hutta)

Unidentified Nikto guard (Jabba's Palace)

Unidentified Nikto pilot
HeadquartersGardulla the Hutt's Palace, Jabba's Palace
Location(s)Nal Hutta and Tatooine
Other Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
AffiliationThe Hutt Families

"Where am I?"
"You are guest of the Hutts. If you do not answer my question about your two partners...we will not be so hospitable."

―Obi-Wan Kenobi speaking to the Unidentified Nikto guard (Nal Hutta).[src]

Nikto Guards were the Red Nikto working for the Hutt families during the clone wars. These Nikto served the Hutts as their bodyguards, most notably Gardulla the Hutt.

"Their ship will crash soon on Nal Hutta. Be there to capture the fugitives."
―The pilot speaking to a Nikto guard.[src]

Biography Edit

These Nikto were Nikto that pledged their allegiance to the Hutt families. They were mostly based on Nal Hutta, but some were stationed at Jabba the Hutt's Palace on Tatooine. When Pre Vizla attacked the Hutt base with his forces, these guards rushed to the Hutt's aid, but most were quickly shot down. The few that survived were cut down by Pre Vizla's Darksaber.

All notable guards are:

1. Puko Naga

2. Captain of the Nikto Guard

3. Unidentified Nikto guard (Nal Hutta)

4. Unidentified Nikto guard (Jabba's Palace)

5. Unidentified Nikto pilot

Jabba: "Captain. Has the crew of the sail barge remembered anything else about the kidnapping? Any more useful detail at all?"
Captain: "No, Lord Jabba."
Jabba: "Have they tried very hard, do you think?"
Captain: "Yes, Lord."
Jabba: "Execute them, then."
―Jabba Desilijic Tiure and the Nikto captain[src]

Behind the scenes Edit

The Star Wars: The Clone Wars card game from Sabritas includes Puko Naga. His game statistics are roughly average in both attack and defense. The Puko Naga's action figure from Hasbro comes with a game card to allow players to pit him against other figures in the line. Naga's game statistics make him poor in use of the Force and in leadership, but fair in battle skills, intelligence, mechanical skills, and luck.[1]

Personality and Traits Edit

The Nikto Guards wore black armor over black clothing. Many wore black headgear. They wielded all types of weapons, including blasters, blaster pistols, and rifles. After the Clone Wars, the surviving Nikto did not wear the same uniforms. Many other Nikto wore the same armor and clothing, such as: Unidentified Nikto senator and Unidentified Nikto criminal.

Appearances Edit

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Friends and Enemies

Star Wars: The Clone Wars film

Star Wars: The Clone Wars novelization

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Eminence

Sources Edit

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Sabritas card game) (First identified as Puko Naga)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (toy line)

Notes and references Edit

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