Freon Drevan
Freon Drevan
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Hair colorNone
Eye colorBlack
Skin colorWhite
Chronological and Political information
EraRise of the Empire era
AffiliationFreon Drevan's bootlegging business
Known ApprenticesNiai Fieso

Freon Drevan was a male Xexto con artist who ran a business on his homeworld during the final years of the Old Galactic Republic. After selecting Niai Fieso as his con artist apprentice, the two Xextos spent most of their life in expanding their business into a smuggling operation. Prior to 32 BBY, Freon was betrayed when his apprentice turned him over to the authorities and fled with all of the credits. He was later freed from prison and traveled to the planet Tatooine where he attended the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace. When he spotted his former apprentice in the stadium's audience, a brawl erupted and the two Xextos were arrested and taken to Mos Espa Prison.


Hailing from the planet Troiken, homeworld of the Xextos, Freon formed his own business. However, it is revealed that his operation was licensed and Drevan was considered to be a local con artist, in which his factories were producing bootleg merchandise. When Drevan noticed the swindling talents of Niai Fieso, he promoted the young factory worker to a position as his Con artist apprentice. Over the years, Freon and Niai spent most of their time expanding Drevan's business into a well–known smuggling organization that dealt in various illegal products of the Outer Rim.

Fieso eventually grew weary of his position as Drevan's inferior and began to siphon credits from spice smuggling operations. He additionally tipped off authorities to Drevan's illegal activities and fled the Troiken system with all of the business's profits. A subsequent raid on the smuggling operation landed Drevan in prison, lost him his business license, and left him a creditless being with a large tax debt.

In the year 32 BBY, Drevan was no longer a prisoner. In that year, he attended the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace in the Mos Espa Grand Arena on the planet Tatooine. Seated in the audience, Drevan followed the progress of the Dug racer Sebulba as the competitor completed the first of the race's three laps. After the young Human Anakin Skywalker began his own second lap, Drevan spotted Fieso, who was working in the arena as a food vendor. Drevan approached his former apprentice from behind and punched him in the face thrice. A full-on skirmish broke out, and both Drevan and Fieso were taken to a local jail.

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Freon Drevan was a white–skinned individual with black eyes who worked as a bootlegger and a smuggler, employing others in his illegal operation. Drevan was impressed by Niai Fieso's friendly demeanor and how it was used to swindle others, but he later attacked him from behind in a crowded arena after Fieso's betrayal cost him both his business and his credits.



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