1138 battle droid
Production Information
Date Destroyed32 BBY, Naboo
ManufacturerBaktoid Combat Automata
ModelB1 Battle Droid
ClassBattle Droid
Technical Specifications
Height1.91 meters
Sensor ColorBlack
Plating ColorWhite
ArmamentE-5 Blaster Rifle
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
AffiliationTrade Federation
Trade Federation Droid Army

1138 was a B1 Battle Droid who served in the Trade Federation Droid Army under the command of OOM-9. The droid was part of Viceroy Nute Gunray's occupation force in invading the planet Naboo. When the Gungans were aiding the people of Naboo in reclaiming Theed from the Viceroy, 1138 was part of OOM-9's task force in eliminating the natives at the Great Grass Plains. After the Gungans were forced to surrender, 1138 was preparing to arrest Jar Jar Binks until the droid was deactivated, along with all the other B1s on the field when the Federation's Droid Control Ship was destroyed.


1138 battle droid2

1138, deactivated, after the Battle of Graasy Plains.

In the year 32 BBY, Viceroy Gunray arranged a fleet under his command to takeover the planet Naboo, in a protest against the Galactic Senate's new taxation of trade routes. Soon enough, Gunray led his army to invade the planet, and overwhelm the government of Naboo, allowing the Neimoidian to seize control. 1138 was a part of the occupation force installed under the command of OOM-9.

Shortly after Queen Amidala escaped and eventually returned to the planet, an open resistance to Gunray's control of the planet surfaced, as a large army of Gungans, under the command of Bombad General Jar Jar Binks and General Tobler Ceel. Meeting the Gungan Grand Army at the Great Grass Plains, 1138 was part of the opposing force to engage the natives in the Battle of Grassy Plains.

Eventually, the Gungans were routed and forced to retreat after their shields were disabled. As many Gungans were captured while the rest fled to safety, 1138 joined 3B3-888 in capturing Binks and Captain Roos Tarpals. As 1138 held Binks at blasterpoint, the Federation's Droid Control Ship, that was orbiting the planet and relaying orders to every battle droid on the planet, was destroyed by Anakin Skywalker. As a result, 1138 and all the other battle droids were deactivated after the Control Ship's destruction. The droid's head then fell off, before Binks pushed its limp body to the ground. After the battle was over, Queen Amidala and her people were able to capture Gunray, and restore democracy to her planet.


As a B1 Battle Droid, 1138 had white plating, black photoreceptors, and 1.91 meters tall like every other B1 battle droid in the Trade Federation. Manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata, 1138 was equipped with an E-5 Blaster Rifle.